Counting down to Challenge Roth

The past few years I have focused on Ironman brand events and this year I decided to take a different direction to choose events purely by my own interest in them.  The main goal was selected as Embrunman in France in August because I love to ride in the mountains and that is an epically hard course in the mountains.  I recently realized I could fit in Challenge Roth into my schedule and thats been an event I have long wanted to do.  Many have told me how special the event and the atmosphere is, so now I finally get a chance to do it!  Of course I have my own targets in regards to time, as the course is know for being very fast.  But mainly I am excited to experience the world's largest event with a long prestigious history.  

Like everything this year my buildup to Roth has been very different than in years past.  I have done a lot more work in the gym for one.  And now I have cut back on the total volume but really focused on the key tough sets to push those better.  In two weeks i will know if it has worked but so far I am quite happy how my body has responded.  Today was my last long run of 30km and now its mostly about getting rested up and staying fresh.  I will do one more short race here in Finland with Finntriathlon Vierumäki then make my way to Roth to see what this whole event is all about!  

Bye for now.